Unloading thoughts. Possibly pointless blog post 1


This is a blog post. I don't really don't know what to say. I don't do this much. I don't do this ever. I'm not a huge "sharer" of my thoughts. I find that sharing my personal life and opinions strange in a world where everyone shares everything. I think that when i take a poop it's not anyone's business but my own. Get it? I'm not that funny. That's why I chose music instead of comedy. However sometimes I think I'd love to be a stand up comic. I'm awkward as fuck though. When i perform I like to sing and not talk so much. I know it's a huge thing to work on your "crowd work" or whatever. I just struggle with it. I have this fear of appearing unintelligent or unpersonable. So i try to keep my banter at a minimum. But when I do decide to try to crack jokes at gigs it sometimes goes bad. The other night I was playing an outside gig with my band and it was a little bit cold outside. I asked a girl who was very drunk "aren't you cold?" She replied "No i'm good". I said "Oh, so you've had enough to drink huh?", implying... that when one drinks, one often feels warmer, you know, that old bit of common knowledge. She looked at me like I just called her the c-word and proceeded to be rude to the rest of my band and I the rest of the night. This is why I don't try to talk to drunk people at shows. It sometimes doesn't go well. Oh well. Maybe I'll attempt to use stupid jokes at shows. My friend Hector plays in a band and he cracks stupid jokes all the time. Might take a page out of his book. Anyway. If anyone is even reading this. This is the kind of stuff i think about. I guess I'll keep doing this so that people can get to know me more? Is that an appealing proposition? Who knows man. The world is so weird and there are so many new trends and behaviors that I'm still trying to process. When did everyone want to get into everyone's head all the time? Why does my opinion matter that much more than yours? Just because I am a creator of art? There are tons of stupid people who create art that I would not want to know anything about. I probably sound like a cynical asshole right now. I'm not. I am a realist though. I have been disappointed with myself and those around me enough to know that life is fucking crazy and unpredictable. However I do believe that if you work hard, be kind, and strive every day to get incrementally better at whatever you do, things will improve. Maybe that was the point of all this. I dunno. Maybe there was no point. Maybe nobody will ever read this. Or maybe one person will and read this entire thing, end up right here and think.... hmmm... this dude is fucking weird. #goals.

Cameron Dettman